Chaat Masala Powder چاٹ مصالحہ پاوڈر - zipper packing (100-g powder)

• Chaat Masala Powder in zipper packing (100-g powder)
• Perfect for adding a tangy and spicy flavor
• Ideal for seasoning fruits, salads, and snacks
• Convenient zipper packing for easy storage
• A must-have ingredient for Indian and Pakistani cuisine
Brand: HakeemLahori
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Rs. 130
Chaat Masala Powder is a must-have ingredient for anyone who loves to cook Indian and Pakistani cuisine. This 100-g powder comes in a convenient zipper packing, making it easy to store and use. The blend of spices in this Chaat Masala Powder adds a tangy and spicy flavor to your dishes, making them more delicious and flavorful. Use it to enhance the taste of your chaats, salads, fruits, and other snacks. This product is perfect for those who want to add a unique and authentic taste to their dishes.
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