Barberries / Zarishk زرشک (250-g)

• Barberries / Zarishk (250-g) for cooking and baking.
• Dried fruits with a tangy and tart flavor.
• Perfect for adding a unique taste to dishes.
• 250-g pack for convenient use.
• Ideal for home baking and cooking.
Brand: HakeemLahori
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Rs. 659
Barberries / Zarishk زرشک (250-g) are a delicious and versatile ingredient for all your baking and cooking needs. These dried fruits are perfect for adding a tangy and slightly sweet flavor to your dishes. They are a great addition to your pantry, especially if you enjoy making Persian cuisine. These barberries are carefully sourced and packaged to ensure their freshness and quality. Use them in your rice dishes, salads, or even as a topping for your desserts. They are a healthy and nutritious snack option as well. Add them to your cart today and elevate your culinary creations!
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