Himalayan PINK SALT کھیوڑہ گلابی نمک (1-kg Jar Packing)

• Himalayan Pink Salt, 1-kg jar packing.
• Perfect for baking and cooking.
• 100% natural and unrefined.
• Adds a unique flavor to dishes.
• Comes in a convenient jar packaging.
Brand: HakeemLahori
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Rs. 149
This Himalayan Pink Salt is a must-have for any kitchen. With its beautiful pink color and unique flavor, it adds a touch of elegance to any dish. This 1-kg jar packing is perfect for those who love to cook and bake. The salt is sourced from the Himalayan mountains and is known for its purity and health benefits. Use it in your favorite recipes or sprinkle it on top of your dishes for a finishing touch. This salt is perfect for those who are health-conscious and want to add a natural touch to their meals.
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