Isapghol Sabat اسپغول ثابت Psyllium Seeds (zipper packing 100-g)

• Isapghol Sabat Psyllium Seeds for cooking and baking.
• Zipper packing of 100-g for freshness.
• High-quality and pure psyllium seeds.
• Perfect for adding fiber to your diet.
• Ideal for gluten-free and vegan recipes.
• A must-have ingredient for healthy cooking.
• Groceries>Baking & Cooking>Cooking Ingredients>Spices.
Brand: HakeemLahori
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Rs. 197
This product is Isapghol Sabat اسپغول ثابت Psyllium Seeds, which comes in a convenient zipper packing of 100g. It is a cooking ingredient that falls under the spices category. These seeds are commonly used in baking and cooking, and are known for their high fiber content. They can be used to add texture and bulk to recipes, and are especially useful in gluten-free baking. The brand of this product is not specified.
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